Need for Skilled Professionals

Chandigarh being one of the strong emerging locations is attracting big IT/ITES companies to set up their units here. Availability of human resources is a critical decision-making factor for all potential investors. Since manpower requirements of the big IT/ITES companies are huge and continuous, there is a need for ensuring sustained availability of a large and growing pool of trained and skilled workers.

Training for ITES Industry

Most work profiles in the ITES industry involve interaction with clients/professionals all over the world. The ITES professionals should be adept at understanding and responding to them. The professionals should have excellent communication and customer interaction skills and the domain knowledge pertaining to the service they are providing. They are also expected to know the technology of their domain.

The basic requirements and abilities thus desired are:

  • Basic Computer knowledge (For general processes)
  • Excellent Communication Skills (Neutral Accent, clear speech, good grammar & language etc.)
  • Customer Interaction Skills (Customer handling skills, telephone etiquettes, empathy and listening skills etc.)
  • Understand the target groups and their cultures
  • Attitudes like commitment to understanding customers and solving their problems and motivation to work hard.

The process training is given in-house by the ITES companies but the base skills like communication; interactive skills and attitudes etc are expected prior to hiring and form the criteria of screening for ITES jobs.

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