C-TOSS (Chandigarh – Training On Soft Skills)

Chandigarh Administration has taken the initiative to start the training programs for the IT/ITES-BPO industry. The training modules to be imparted would cover Communication Skills, interaction Skills and other industry specific skills. There would be training programs with different durations and selection for a particular training course will depend on the current skill level of the student.

To create awareness regarding the importance of these training programs amongst the students, seminars will be conducted in the colleges wherein professionals from the industry would present an insight into the ITES industry and its career prospects. As the training is on communication and interaction skills, these will help the students not just in the ITES industry but across all fields. 

Action Plan

Courses would be started in the colleges from August, 2004 where there would be various training programme, which will be conducted in collaboration with the training companies.

The following would be the salient features of the programme:

  1. The training would be carried out by the selected agencies at the respective college premises.
  2. The respective College would provide the necessary infrastructure required for the training.
  3. Common course content would be prepared by SPIC with inputs from the training companies and also from prominent BPO companies. The courses would be conducted on optional basis for students of the respective colleges who would pay specified fee for the training programme.
  4. To maintain a uniform quality intake of students and to measure the performance standards of the multiple training agencies in bringing the desired change in the skill levels, assessments would be done by SPIC and will be same for all the colleges. Students will also evaluate the courses when they complete training.
  5. The fee structure for the courses to be conducted at the College premises as, part of the programme would be at a lower scale than the fee structure offered by the companies at their own premises. The exact fee for the new programme will be finalized in consultation with the training companies.
  6. Pre training, mid level and post training assessment will be conducted by SPIC to monitor the quality of training being delivered by the training company and to measure the progress resulting from the training programme.
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