About Sampark Project

Project Sampark was initiated to bring together the services of all the departments under one single umbrella and give citizens of Chandigarh a “multi-service” - “single-window” experience apart from eradicating the undue harassment met by the citizens due to lack of transparency.

Vision and Objectives

The vision for this project is to create a knowledge-based society through extensive use of I.T. as a medium for effective interaction between the Administration and the public so that exchange of information and access to government departments is speedy and easy, leading to a better quality of life. The objectives of this project are :

  • Provide hassle free one-stop solution to the citizen
  • Minimize multiple interaction points for the citizen and hence reducing the wastage of their valuable time
  • Provide better turn around time in receipt, processing and issue of services
  • Transparency in delivery of services

Project Sampark is a Department of IT (DIT) initiative for the development, integration and maintenance of web-portal for various departments of the Administration for providing 'One-stop-shop' for G2C and B2C services through Sampark Centre. It not only provides the Online Transaction Processing through its centres and web-enabled portal but also is a major source of information dissemination. Before this initiative the common man had to make multiple visits for a single transaction apart from standing in long queues and wait for a few days to few weeks for the end result. At times he had to face harassment due to lack of transparency. After this initiative the Administration was successful in providing a one stop solution at the e-Sampark Centres as various services, which were available earlier at independent islands and sometimes resulted in duplication of work, are being delivered at these centres. The processing time has been minimized as the efficiency of the service delivery system has been optimized by making it I.T. enabled thereby regarding eradicating the long queues and waiting hours for the public.


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