Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park

CHANDIGARH- a leading IT destination among Tier II Cities

Over the years, Chandigarh has made remarkable progress in terms of physical infrastructure, business environment, and as an emerging economic growth centre especially as an IT hub. Some of the major IT initiatives planned by the Administration over the last few years have shown excellent results. Chandigarh is a modern city and in order to integrate the city with the world, it is essential to envisage world standard projects, which not only enhance the economic profile of the city but also provide employment opportunities for its human resources. North India, as a whole had lagged behind the southern states, and RGCTP is a major step in the direction of redressing that imbalance.

Chandigarh Administration recognizes the enormous potential of Electronics and Information technology and has made significant efforts to ensure that the benefits of these sectors percolate to its citizens.

Vision 2020

  • To improve the delivery of public services by leveraging Information Technology to achieve Efficiency, Effectiveness, Economy, Transparency, Accountability and Reliability in such delivery.
  • To improve the business environment for IT Industry in Chandigarh to make Chandigarh a preferred destination or IT Companies from within and outside India.
  • To boost adoption of Information Technology to bridge the digital divide in Chandigarh.
  • To create knowledge based society in Chandigarh.
  • To tap the growth potential of Electronics System Design & Manufacturing industry to the optimum.

Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP), Village Kishangarh

It was a vision and mission with which Administration has encouraged the initiative of IT Department to provide a platform engaging world’s well known brains, and the professional bodies like Nasscom, Indian Angel Network, The Indus Entrepreneur, to prepare a road map for the development of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula region. Keeping in view roadmap, a visionary project of Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP) was conceptualized by Chandigarh Administration. Inaugurated by Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India in September 2005, RGCTP is a premier initiative of Chandigarh Administration. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Technology Park, which has changed the economic scenario of the city and the vicinity by facilitating the growth of the economy, especially in the Services sector. RGCTP has been planned to retain this upgraded human capital by providing them employment opportunities here itself. 

Its main features are:

  • Environment friendly IT Park with special emphasis on green cover.
  • Also accorded Special Economic Zone (SEZ) status by the Government of India since 2006.
  • Rs. 1500 crores, already invested in RGCTP by Chandigarh Administration and private companies.
  • Another Rs. 500 crores investment expected in the near future.
  • Various Tax incentives such as exemption from Value Added Tax (VAT), Central Sales Tax (CST), Electricity Duty, Stamp Duty, Property Tax etc., apart from the exemptions such as from Income Tax, Central Excise Customs etc. from GoI.

RGCTP spreads across 350 acres and is divided into 2 phases

Phase I (123.43 acres) An area of 111 acres was originally identified for the purpose of setting up of RGCTP. This land was acquired between 1950 to 1977 for the establishment of brick kilns and was lying unutilized. It was decided that this area of 111 acres be used for establishing a world class IT Park with state of the art infrastructure including the provision of 100% availability of power and broadband connectivity.

IT Plot area 63.065 acres
  • Infosys in SEZ (Leasehold)
  • DLF Infocity and 15 Built-to-Suit Sites in Non-SEZ (Freehold)
Operational Companies
  • Infosys Ltd.
  • DLF Infocity Developers Ltd. (more than 70 companies)
  • 11 Built-to-Suit Sites
Vacant plot area Nil

Phase II (228.49 acres)

As such, huge demand of IT space started pouring in, therefore, the adjoining area was acquired in 2004 for the expansion of RGCTP as Phase II and a total of 267 acres was acquired. It includes 123 acres of IT Habitat project, being managed by Chandigarh Housing Board.

IT Plot area 63.286 acres
  • Airtel in Non-SEZ (Freehold)
  • Tech Mahindra and 4 Built-to-Suit Sites in SEZ (Leasehold)
Operational Companies
  • Airtel
  • Tech Mahindra
Vacant plot area 38.98 acres


Software Exports

RGCTP is a major contributor of software exports from this region and the above figures will substantiate the gains from this project. Moreover, if the figures for the current year are taken into consideration it can be seen that the growth rate of software exports from RGCTP alone has been more than 70% among the tricity. It has been envisaged that once complete, Phase I and II would generate 45,000 plus direct jobs.  Further, every direct IT job creates 3 indirect jobs.

Allotments of land in RGCTP

Allotment of land in RGCTP is being governed by ‘Allotment of Campus Sites in Chandigarh Information Services Park Rules 2002 (as amended in 2005 & 2006)’, ‘Allotment of Campus Sites in Chandigarh Technology Park Rules, 2006’ and ‘Chandigarh Estate Rules 2009’.

There are three categories of Sites:

  • Main Campus Sites (> 6 acres)
  • Small Campus Sites (> 2 acres <)
  • Built-to-Suit Sites (< 2>
    • Built-to-Suite Sites for Developers
    • Built-to-Suite Sites for IT/ITES/BPO Enterprises
    • Built-to-Suite Sites for High End Software/ R&D Work